SportsFit Physio & Health will keep you fit and healthy in all aspects of life.

Our philosophy is everyone deserves access to the same level of care, whether you’re an elite athlete or an office worker. Our highly experienced team are experts in sports and musculoskeletal conditions, and will help you be WorkFit, LifeFit or SportsFit.

Our Team


Charissa Fermelis

Charissa’s first encounter with physiotherapy and Pilates was in 1997, as a young, injured dancer. Pilates became an integral part of her injury rehabilitation and dance conditioning throughout her pre-professional dance career, and led her to develop a real passion for body wellness. Completing her Pilates teacher training (Australian Pilates Method Association) in 2007 and Physiotherapy degree (LaTrobe University) in 2009, she has since spent much time working in the areas of elite gymnastics and high level dance medicine.  Utilising both finely tuned physiotherapy management techniques and Pilates instruction to achieve great things with her clients.

Charissa has special interests in biomechanical analysis and movement retraining, dance-specific injury management and prevention, and mentoring junior physiotherapists and Pilates practitioners. She prides herself on her attention to detail, her ability to truly understand what motivates her clients, and her unique skill to intertwine evidence-based clinical medicine with a holistic and grounded approach to complete wellbeing.


Dance Physiotherapist

Clinical Pilates Practitioner and Pilates Teacher

Kate Dyball

Kate has extensive private practice experience in particular working with rowers, runners and triathletes.  Kate’s passion comes from her own experience as she has completed 8 marathons (most recently the New York Marathon), a Melbourne Ironman Triathlon and is currently rowing with Richmond Rowing Club.  Combining her own training with her Musculoskeletal Masters knowledge has made Kate an expert in training loads, exercise prescription, running and rowing assessments. Kate has also undertaken further professional development, including the areas of dry needling and Clinical Pilates. If not in the clinic or training herself, you might find Kate enjoying a good coffee or planning her next adventurous holiday.

APA Musculoskeletal Titled Physiotherapist

Clinical Pilates Practitioner

Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy


Brad Harrigan

Since graduating from Melbourne University in 2004, Brad has worked at a range of private practices, hospitals and sporting clubs in both Australia and London. He has extensive experience with sporting teams at the local and elite level, including work with the Hawthorn Football Club during their 2013 premiership season and the Australian Institute of Sport looking after the Men’s volleyball team at the 2013 national championships.  He is currently the head physiotherapist for the St Kevin’s Old Boys Football Club. Brad’s special interests reflect his background working in elite sport, specifically treating and rehabilitating sports related knee, spinal and shoulder injuries. He’s also keenly interested in lower limb tendinopathies and running biomechanics.

Outside work Brad is on the Victorian council of SMA, loves going running and surfing and is a dedicated husband and father. If he’s lucky, he might squeeze tennis in somewhere too.

APA Sports Titled Physiotherapist

Clinical Pilates Practitioner

Masters in Sports Physiotherapy

SMA-Vic Board/Council Member

Jodie Porter

Jodie graduated with Honours from The University of Melbourne in 2004. She has since completed a double Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Latrobe University. Jodie has a keen interest in rowing, using experience from coaching and treatment of national squads to deliver first class outcomes. She has established a thorough understanding of rowing injury prevention and correct technique. Additionally, she has particular interest in running and riding technique and neck and upper back pain and injury. She has worked with VAFA Premier Division teams Collegians Football Club and Old Scotch Football Club and was awarded the VAFA Trainer of the Year in 2014. Jodie loves working with children and adolescents to help achieve their sporting dreams.

APA Sports and Musculoskeletal Titled Physiotherapist

Masters in Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)-Vic Board/Council Vice President

Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Clinical Pilates Practitioner

Sports Physiotherapy Australia (SPA) Vic Committee member


Marcus Garrubba

Since graduating from Latrobe with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice, Marcus has had extensive and varied experience in Podiatry.   He has worked across a variety of Podiatry and Sports Medicine Practices, and in far ranging locations such as Singapore, The United States and Melbourne.

Marcus enjoys all aspects of Podiatry care with a special interest in Paediatric conditions affecting gait, utilizing Orthotic therapy with appropriate footwear prescription, and in-grown nail surgeries. Dry needling is often used as part of a treatment plan which is tailored to your specific needs. After spending the last few months travelling, he is always up to sharing travel stories or talk about the upcoming football season- especially when it comes to the Kangaroos.

Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice

Elizabeth Porter

Liz has over 30 years experience with adults from a wide age range in neurological rehabilitation and community health.  She has a particular focus on task analysis of home and work based activities to assist in living with back pain and repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and ‘Tennis Elbow.’  For over 20 years she was co-ordinator of the Motor Action Group for Children, a group for pre-school and primary school aged children with co-ordination, fine motor,  and social skills difficulties and has a particular interest in handwriting and sensory processing difficulties.  She is a member of the Occupational Therapy Association.

Registered Occupational Therapist

Bachelor Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences (now incorporated with Latrobe University)

SCSIT Certified (Sensory Integration)

Graduate Diploma Paediatrics Latrobe University


Sheree Phillips

Sheree is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with over 10 years experience working in both the private and public health sectors.  Since completing a double degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and Exercise Science her key areas of practice have been weight management, diabetes, chronic diseases and general nutrition for healthy lifestyles. During a consultation, Sheree will not prescribe a diet; instead she uses a person-centred approach to tailor evidence-based nutrition advice for individuals and families.  Sheree follows the “health at every size” movement and a non-dieting approach to weight management.  This means no foods are ‘off limits’ (unless allergies are diagnosed), as all foods play a part in a healthy life.

Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics/Bachelor Applied Science (Exercise Science)

Paula Christofakakis

Paula completed her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours from Monash University. Combining her passion for food and experience, she believes in providing not only advice that is evidence-based, but is realistic and practical to reach your goals. She enjoys educating people and believes everyone should keep a healthy relationship with food.

Paula has a special interest in weight-loss, diabetes, food allergies and dietary intolerance. Not prescribing to the ‘diet’ approach, her weight-loss management involves listening and then educating on improved lifestyle choices and eating behaviours.

Outside of work Paula loves to travel and hopes to get back into playing Netball.

Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)


Lachy Little

Having worked across private practices and currently at the Carlton Football Club (AFL), Lachy brings a vast experience in treating the everyday worker, recreational athletes and the elite athlete.
Specializing in remedial massage (working out the source of your pain, what caused it and then eliminating both the source as well as the symptoms), sports massage and deep-soft-tissue release, Lachy can help people be pain-free, move better and athletes recover and prepare for their activities.
With a strong passion for health, fitness and sport, Lachy also likes to keep fit by playing football and running, recently completing a marathon. He also somehow finds the time to complete a physiotherapy degree part-time.
He is currently consulting on Wednesday and Thursday.

Remedial Massage

Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia