Circuit Training

Circuit Class Glen Iris

You’re one CLICK away from experiencing the numerous benefits that SportsFit Circuit training has to offer!

Improve cardio vascular fitness

Improve leg and arm strength

Build muscle tone

Physio led and closely supervised

Improve General Strength & Endurance

Burn calories and lose weight

Improve functional strength

Small Group (max 5) and tailored to your body

Circuit training are 45 minutes classes in our state-of-the-art studio and led by our highly-qualified physios.  In each class you will rotate between different stations of exercises which includes a variety of strengthening exercises and cardio exercises.  Our programs target strengthening for the whole body including your core, legs and arms.

What equipment do you use?

We use a combination of equipment including free weights, treadmill, spin bike, stepper, Pilates reformer, fitballs, Pilates trapeze, boxing and skipping ropes.  Our exercises are changed every month ensuring you get variety into your program.

What is the difference between Circuit class and Clinical Exercise and Pilates?

Circuit classes are faster paced and will have you sweating.  There is stronger focus on exercises for strengthening and toning muscles and getting your heart rate up to work your cardio-vascular system.  

Who can benefit from Circuit classes?

Circuit classes are ideal for people wanting to:

  • Improve overall strength (legs, arms, core and functional)
  • Get fitter
  • Lose weight
  • Move better
  • Improve muscle toning

Our Instructors

SportsFit’s instructors are all highly qualified physiotherapists.  They have extensive knowledge about the human body, movement, exercise science and rehabilitation.

We love to challenge our clients and make sure they get the best out of their bodies, so you can stay LifeFit! All classes run by our instructors are claimable under private health insurance.

How do I get started?

Bookings can be made online or calling our friendly reception team.  If you are new to the classes and have an existing injury we suggest an initial physio consult first.  This enables a thorough assessment and understanding of your body, so your program will be tailored specific to you. 

Ready to get your life SportsFit healthy? Then let’s get started!

Every body deserves to be SportsFit and it’s our goal to make that happen. Get in touch using the below button.

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