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These practical workshops are an opportunity for Physiotherapists and Pilates practitioners to explore an innovative approach to traditional Pilates repertoire for the advanced client.

Each workshop integrates foundational Pilates principles with rehabilitative and sports medicine management.  You will be taught enhanced repertoire and shown variations of traditional Pilates exercises for matwork, reformer, trapeze table and Wunda chair.

Numbers for these workshops are kept small, so you have plenty opportunity to practice these new skills- which you can implement into you practice straight away.

Presenter- Charissa Fermelis

Charissa is a physiotherapist and Pilates practitioner with particular expertise in advanced biomechanical and functional retraining.  She has been involved in Pilates for over 20 years, lectures on the Australian Pilates Method Association teacher training course, and contributes to various industry magazines.  Charissa has worked alongside master Pilates educators and Sports Physiotherapists in Melbourne, and currently works with elite athletes and consults privately.

Intergrate foundational Pilates principles with rehabilitative and sports medicine management

End-stage rehabilitation

Enhanced repertoire to challenge your clients

Advanced clinical reasoning with inventive and creative Pilates instruction

Lower Limb- Wednesday 3rd October 2018

-Incorporate uni-directional and multi-directional stability and control through 3 planes of movement

-Integrate the entire kinetic chain, from toe to pelvis and above

-Learn how to maximise the effectiveness of the Pilates repertoire and equipment to address single-joint and 2-joint muscles of the lower limbpilates-legs

Upper Limb- Wednesday 7th November 2018

-Expand your repertoire of scapula stability, upper limb strength and control

-Learn both closed chain and open chain strategies for progressive end-stage rehabilitation

-Learn and practice the interconnectedness of the upper limb and lower limb to provide more functional based programs


Mobility and Fascia- Wednesday 5th December 2018

-Optimise the body’s mobility through coordinating the muscles, joints, fascia and neural system

-Build on existing repertoire knowledge by learning to progress and regress established exercises on the different Pilates equipment




Location and Time

SportsFit Physio & Health 1622-1624 High St Glen Iris VIC 3146



$140 per workshop

$360 Complete series

Note- each workshop contributes to 2 hours PD


Bookings are made by contacting SportsFit via:

T: (03) 8840 8066



Spaces are strictly limited.

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