Foot and Ankle pain

Do you suffer with foot pain or ankle pain?

The foot and ankle are complex, in fact a quarter of the body’s bones are located in the feet! The foot and ankle provide the stability and foundation for our body to move. They support the weight of the body and are integral in posture and balance.


With so many bones, joints, ligaments and muscles combining to make each foot and ankle, it is no wonder it is commonly injured. Not only do issues that arise in the foot and ankle cause problems locally, they can also be the root of pain elsewhere in the body such as the knee, hip and back.

Common source of symptoms








Referred pain from another source

What causes pain?

Foot and ankle injuries may arise from an acute trauma to the region or may be as a result of chronic overload or changes in training or footwear. Your genetics and biomechanics affect how your foot interacts with the ground and may result in pain in this region.

1.Overuse –repetitive pulling, pressure or movement place stress on the tissues. When this stress becomes more than what the tissues can tolerated this leads to pain and injury.

This can be contributed by:

  • poor foot posture
  • poor footwear
  • weakness and lack of strength
  • poor flexibility
  • poor sporting technique
  • poor training loads
  • too much load too quickly

2.Acute tissue injury – a sudden movement that causes pain and overloads the tissue beyond its natural ability

Common reasons this occurs:

  • landing heavily on the heel region
  • running barefoot or in poorly cushioned shoes
  • rolled ankle
  • impact or force directly onto the foot/ankle
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A detailed assessment can help identify the source of your pain and the factors leading to your condition. Podiatrists are our feet experts and will be able to design an individual management plan to address all of your needs and goals.  This management plan will not only will help with your current symptoms but aim to prevent it from happening again. 


There are many treatment techniques your therapists may use which might include:

  • taping
  • massage of the muscles of your foot and lower leg
  • dry needling
  • mobilisation of your ankle and foot joints
  • exercises to help activate the muscles of your foot
  • strengthening exercises for the muscles around your ankle
  • home stretching program
  • orthotic therapy (off-the-shelf or custom-made)


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