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Hand therapists specialise in the management of hand and upper limb injuries. This means they have an understanding of how best to help you with the rehabilitation of your hand, wrist, elbow and / or shoulder problem. 


Our hand therapist, Hamish Anderson, is extremely qualified and experienced. He works for both the Hawthorn AFL and Carlton AFLW teams, and is the only hand therapist in Australia to be employed by an AFL team on a regular basis. He also treats professional and elite athletes in a variety of other sports including but certainly not exclusive to climbing, cricket, rugby union, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, golf, and rowing. This experience at the highest levels of sport rehabilitation means that Hamish has a keen understanding of what a hand or wrist needs to do in order to have you playing your best. READ MORE ABOUT HAMISH ANDERSON HERE

Best hand therapist in Glen Iris, malvern east and ashburton.

What to expect

Best sports hand therapist and clinic.

When you first sit down in the clinic, our therapist will listen. We will want to know all of the details that are associated with your injury. Then we conduct a thorough examination of your hand and arm. Once we are satisfied that we understand your problem, it will be explained to you. We believe that it is important to understand your condition and its implications, to help you get better.

From this assessment, your treatment will begin. This may involve exercises, it may involve splinting and the creation of braces to help rest the hand or correct an injury. It may even require soft tissue work. Whatever your injury requires to repair, you can be assured that it will be appropriate and specific to your individual needs. By the end of the session, you will have a clear picture of what to expect. You will have a written home program to follow, and you will have all of our contact details in case you need our help in between treatments. You will on track to being HandFit!

Online booking via our website.

Hamish is consulting Tuesdays at our Glen Iris clinic.


Services Include:


Diagnosis and Assessment

Wound Management


Scar Management

Post-surgical care

Odema Control

Massage/Dry Needling

Nerve Care

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