Ingrown toenails

Do you suffer with ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails are PAINFUL and unless properly attended to and treated, they will persist and sometimes they can get infected. You can suffer from a single ingrown toenail or multiple ingrown toenails at a time.

Common causes

Commonly these are cause by two main factors

  • Internal factors- genetic/hereditary (thanks Mum and Dad!)
  • External factors

Below is a list of both the internal and externals factors which may lead to an ingrown toenail.

The shape of the nail plate (being wide and large)

The shape of the underlying tissue (the nail bed) and the edges of the nails

Tight shoes causing direct pressure to toes

Certain sports that are high impact on your toes

Poor nail trimming technique

Picking at toenails and tearing them

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At your appointment, your podiatrist will take a comprehensive history to understand how the ingrown toenail(s) has impacted your lifestyle. The podiatrist will get a better understanding of how they have progressed over time, and whether they are painful or not. By observing your ingrown toenail(s) your podiatrist will determine whether referral to a GP for antibiotics will be the first part of management, to decrease local infection before further treatment.


More than likely, the podiatrist will perform conservative treatment at the time of your appointment which, consists of special nail trimming techniques with minimal pressure, pain and discomfort to remove the impending nail edge that is causing the issue.


If the ingrown toenail is recurrent and very painful, the podiatrist will more than likely discuss ‘toenail surgery’ as a future appointment to remove the impending nail edge from the skin on the side of the nail and prevent it from regrowing. This is a minimally invasive surgery and is performed in the clinic, under local anaesthetic. Our podiatrist will give you detailed information you need to know before, during and after the nail surgery.


Our podiatrist at Sportsfit Physio and Health has years of experience to help fix your ingrown toenails.

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