Arthritis and your feet

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01 Oct Arthritis and your feet

Did you know that 1 in 6 people in Australia suffer from arthritis? It is the leading cause of chronic pain and the second most common cause of disability and retirement.

Any joint in your feet, including the toes, can be affected by arthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common types. It causes an aching/sharp pain, sometimes with swelling and stiffness to the affected area. Exercise like walking/running/jumping can be really painful!

One thing we do know is you have to move it or lose it! Weight loss and exercise are important to keep your joints moving, however different types of exercise may need to be considered if feet are painful. Some forms of exercise to help keep you fit with arthritic feet are:

  • Walking/Running.  However if this too painful consider using an anti-gravity treadmill “the Alter-G”
  • Swimming, hydrotherapy or aqua aerobics
  • Cycling
  • Strength and core training eg- Clinical Pilates

Please note: a Dietitian can offer scientific-backed advice about weight loss and sustainable eating habits.

If you want to continue walking/running, then wearing comfortable, supportive shoes is a MUST! With the correct size, width and style of shoe, your feet will be protected against the harsh impact of the ground.

Shoe shopping tips from our podiatrist:

  • Your size can change, depending on the severity of arthritis, and the make/model of shoe.
  • Your longest toe shouldn’t touch the end, with 1cm of room.
  • Choose a secure shoe with laces, Velcro or a buckle across the middle.
  • Look for a synthetic foam or rubber sole for added cushioning.
  • Try shoes on with prescribed insoles/orthotics. Some orthotics require extra depth.

Finding it difficult to find a shoe that fits? Having ongoing pain with your feet with no help from footwear alone? See our podiatrist for ‘extra’ advice as they know FEET.

Our Glen Iris podiatrist can help you with all things foot related; footwear, orthotics, manual therapy, nail and skin care. Seeing a podiatrist in a private clinic doesn’t require a referral from your doctor! Making an appointment is as easy as booking online now!


(Arthritis Australia 2017)