COVID-19 Clinic Updates

01 May COVID-19 Clinic Updates

Updates from the Clinic


  • SportsFit still continues to have our doors open for clients that require face-face consults for Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Private Clinical Exercise and Hand Therapy;
  • At times we may have our clinic door locked prior to your appointment, to limit the number of people in our clinic at one time;
  • During opening times, it is still only the practitioner who will be onsite, with our admin team working from home;
  • We continue to uphold our heightened hygiene practices, and ask all clients to wash their hands prior and post appointment, and to not attend the clinic if you are feeling unwell;
  • We are excited to now provide Online Home Ergonomic Assessments- where our guru physio Seb can assess and educate you on the best practice for your working-from-home set-up. Our Online (Telehealth) services include: