Eating during winter

26 Jun Eating during winter

Winter may have you feeling more hungry than usual, or craving comforting foods that are generally more calorie dense and not as healthful. It is okay to have cravings, and it is okay to give in to them, on occasion too. However, if we can identify these cravings and look for alternatives most of the time you will be on the right track!
Why might I be wanting to eat more?
  • Your body is working hard to keep you warm, which is using more energy (calories)
  • More time indoors and around easy to access food – less active, shorter days with the sun setting earlier
  • Craving comfort which we look for in food – particular energy dense, nutrient poor foods
  • Dehydrated – drinking less water during the cooler months


How can I manage this?


  • Choose comfort foods that are nourishing as well. Add meat, beans or legumes to your soups to include protein and leave you feeling satisfied. Rather than trying to fill up with endless amounts of bread and butter


  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day – if water isn’t doing it for you, drink herbal tea or flavour your water with lemon or fruits


  • Don’t forget your fruit and vegetables – roast winter vegetables in olive oil, salt and pepper. Add to soups and curries. Make your own stewed fruit with stone fruits or berries.


  • When you really crave something, have it! Your body will thank you for it and you will be less likely to over indulge on other foods or drinks to try and replace this craving, healthy or not!


For further guidance, speak to an Accredited Practicing Dietitian to help identify and manage your hunger cues, overeating, cravings and general healthy eating.
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