Exercise Options during Lockdown

20 Aug Exercise Options during Lockdown

Are you getting bored or sick of doing the same exercise routine?

Understandably, the latest Covid shutdown has challenged us again both mentally and physically. In Melbourne, as some of us had just returned back to gyms or group exercises in person, we now find ourselves at home again and with further restrictions in place. Many people are finding it more difficult to keep a good routine and maintain motivation during this current lockdown. The physical and mental health benefits of exercise during the global pandemic are numerous (read more HERE) and it so important we continue this.

This blog will give you some tips to keep you motivated and highlight some great local solutions to help keep you on track.

Tips for Motivation

Whether just starting exercise or continuing with your current program, we recommend:

  • Set a short-term, attainable goal
    • Make it process-driven rather than outcome-driven
    • Eg. running 20mins x3 per week rather than aiming to lose 3kg in a month
  • Track your progress
    • This is important to appreciate your improvement
    • This can be done via an App (e.g. Strava), diary, or anything that works for you
  • Pick an activity you enjoy
    • An enjoyable activity increases your desire to exercise
  • Start slowly; build up gradually
    • Allow your body the necessary time to adjust to new demands
    • Avoid going too hard, too early and ending up sore and injured
  • Train with somebody
    • You don’t need to do it alone, whether it’s with your family, a friend outside or online- this is a great way encourage each other
  • Add variety
    • Prevent boredom and challenge your body in different ways (strength, flexibility, cardio)


Try an online class

Luckily we have some great local initiatives and businesses that are available for exercise/activity options during lockdown. There’s plenty of variety for all ages and abilities! Looking for something new, here are some examples (#non-sponsored) of what you could try:



If you are a gym member make sure to check out what your own facility has to offer, with most gyms (Goodlife, Fitness First, Snap Fitness, 12RND, F45) providing online classes to keep their members active.

Use a fitness App

There are different fitness Apps to help track your progress and also plenty that offer FREE training programs including Down Dog, Nike Training Club, KuboFit and Les Mills, just to name a few.


Wanting something for the younger kids

There also plenty of options to keep the young ones moving and group family activities, including:


You can still exercise after work hours (but before curfew!)

Still want to run, ride or walk after hours but worried it’s too dark still. Don’t worry, throughout stage 4, Stonnington Council are leaving the floodlights on from 5.00-7.30pm weekdays at the following ovals:

  • Basil Oval, Malvern East
  • Como Park, South Yarra
  • Malvern Cricket Ground
  • Orrong Park, Prahran
  • Waverley Park, Malvern East


Stay active, healthy and safe everyone!