How do I know when my running shoes need to be replaced?

04 Nov How do I know when my running shoes need to be replaced?

When do my running shoes need to be replaced?

During lockdown, many of us have spent more time outside in our running footwear, mostly more regular runs or walks. However, have you thought about whether or not it’s time for a new pair of running shoes? It’s not until we get pain in our feet and ankles, or the mesh in upper layer of the shoe becomes torn, that we consider getting a new pair. Everybody wears their running footwear for different reasons. Eventually, it will be time to update your current pair. This is what you’ll need to consider:

Shoe Milage

Whether you are walking or running, generally you should get about 500km-800km out of your footwear. Many other factors will depend on your mileage, some of these include the type of surface your exercising on, body weight, running biomechanics and where you place most pressure underneath your feet when running.

Wear of tread

When we purchase a new running shoe, one of the things we feel underneath our feet is how much grip the shoe has to offer. Once they have become quite worn, we will become aware of some slipping – especially on a rainy day. If you have a look underneath your shoe, and the tread is completely smooth in certain parts, it is time for a new pair of running footwear.

Midsole compression

Over the years, our running shoe brands have created a variety of different materials and technologies to assist us in having enough cushioning, stability and support underneath our feet to ensure we are comfortable during our run or walk. However, over a period of time and repetitive force and pressure through our shoes, they will eventually become compressed and flatten. With this, they won’t be offering the same technologies compared to when they were brand new, putting us at risk of new aches and pains.  

Blisters and callus

When our shoes become more worn, we may begin to feel a blister or hard skin forming on our feet. This is because as we wear our running shoes overtime, more friction can occur on to the feet. This may be because the shoe has become ill-fitting due to wear and tear, thus making it uncomfortable.

Foot Pain

When we purchase a new pair of shoes, our feet feel great! On our runs and walks, we will say “these shoes make me feel like I am walking on clouds”. However, when our running footwear becomes worn, we may start to experience new pain in our feet and ankles, that wasn’t previously noticeable. This is when we know it is time to change our footwear.

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