Online Group Exercise Classes

03 Apr Online Group Exercise Classes

SportsFit Physio & Health promised it was coming and now finally have our Clinical Exercise Classes online, as well as exciting new online exercise classes for you.

We are currently living in strange times, with a strong need for social distancing and time spent at home. However this does not mean we stop moving or stop rehabilitating. Now, exercise is more important than ever for both our physical health and mental health. By doing an online exercise class you will get both the benefits of exercising and social interaction.

All our classes have been designed to be done WITHOUT any special equipment. If you do have equipment, we can help cater for this also.

How are our online exercise class different? All classes are fully-supervised by our highly experienced Physiotherapists. You are not watching a screen and trying to copy exercises, you are focusing on your body as our physio’s will supervise you, correct you and guide you every step of the way with our exercise programs in the comfort of your own home.


Clinical Exercise Classes Online


Since Tuesday 31st March we have no longer been providing face-face group Clinical Exercise or Pilates Classes, but have now moved our classes to online. This is to enable to our current clients to continue working towards their health goals.   We are accepting new clients to these classes and advise doing an Online Private Clinical Exercise session initially (you can BOOK HERE). 

These classes are 45 minutes and will cover strength, mobility, balance and core. Within each class, exercises will be tailored to your level.


New HomeFit Group Classes


These new classes have been designed for people looking for a more focused class. Each class is 30 minutes, and we currently offer:

  • CARDIOfit (Fast-paced class targeting your cardio-vascular system and sure to get you a sweat)
  • MOVEfit (Stretches and movements targeting the flexibility of our soft tissues and joints)
  • STRENGTHfit (Strengthening exercises for both arms and legs, working on both toning and increasing strength)
  • COREfit (Activation and strengthening work for the core- sure you leave feeling the stomach!)

You must be able to get on and off the floor to do these classes, and they are the perfect recipe to break up a working-from-home day.

From the 6th April until the 17th April we are offering people to try these classes for FREE. 



For more details (Timetable, Costs etc) about our classes check out our Online Exercise Classes (Telehealth) page HERE.

Alternatively if you have 3 friends and would like to organise a personal class please contact us at 8840 8066 or email:

Keep fit and healthy and get the benefits of exercise and social interaction.