Private Health Funds and Pilates

07 Jan Private Health Funds and Pilates

Some of you may have read or received information from your Private Health Insurer, that Pilates will no longer receive a rebate under private health funds from April 1st 2019.  We want to assure you that from April 1st 2019, if you have private health insurance with appropriate extra’s cover, you WILL still be able to claim for our group exercise exercise classes at SportsFit Physio & Health.

Why is Pilates no longer funded?

The private health insurers decided to cease funding any therapies which they deemed lacked in strong clinical evidence.  Unfortunately they failed to differentiate the difference between Clinical Pilates (individualized, supervised and rehabilitative exercise programs) and other general Pilates classes- so all classes that are called Pilates or have a Pilates title are no longer able to claim under private health from 1st April 2019.

Will I still be able to claim for classes after 1st April 2019?

Yes.  All our group classes will still be able to be claimed and using the 560 code (Group exercise) under private health, and all private classes or initial assessments will be claimed under the codes 505 or 500 respectively.  

Classes will still be claimable because all classes are:

  • Run by qualified Physiotherapists
  • Individualized exercise programs, where you are assessed each class and  target your specific health goals


What changes will occur with classes?

There will be NO changes to how our classes are run.  You will still receive closely supervised, individual exercise programs based on clinical evidence and the Pilates principles, and utilizing a combination of mat-work and Pilates equipment. 

What changes will I expect?

The changes that you will notice from now and after April 1st 2019, is that our group classes will be called ‘Clinical Exercise‘ and no longer ‘Clinical Pilates’.  This will be noticed  on:

  • Our website page 
  • When booking online for group exercise classes
  • On your invoice


Do I need to do anything?

No.  If you have private health insurance you do not need to do anything.  However we do encourage you to always review your health funds and make sure you are getting the right benefits that you use the most.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact our friendly admin team.