Now offering Online Ergonomic Assessments

08 May Now offering Online Ergonomic Assessments

SportsFit are now offering Online Ergonomic Physiotherapy Assessments


The current global pandemic has caused considerable social upheaval and caused many of us to work from home. Many home workstations may not have an ideal setup due to equipment and space limitations. This can be associated with neck or back pain due to undesirable setup, prolonged working postures, and overall reduced physical activity.

Ergonomics is the study of people’s interaction with their working environment. It is concerned with how workplace design may optimise health and productivity. Assessing your home workstation to optimise your setup can be one piece of the puzzle to solving any aches, pains and niggles you may have.

An example of a typical home set-up (NOT necessarily ideal)

An example of a typical home set-up (NOT necessarily ideal)

What does an Ergonomic Assessment involve?
  • Send in a couple of photos of your home workstation, as shown below
  • Online physiotherapy assessment
    • The physio will complete a job task analysis, delving into the nature of your work, physical requirements, break behaviours, etc.
    • An assessment of your physical working environment will then take place. This will evaluate:
      • Chair characteristics
      • Monitor positioning
      • Desk suitability
      • Position of accessories
    • Based on the above information, recommendations will be made to optimise your working position, as well as any behavioural strategies that may be important for reducing your pain


Can this assessment be completed online?

YES. Given social distancing requirements, and the need to conduct an assessment in the environment in question, ergonomic assessments are completed online, at your workstation!


What is the cost?

The cost is $60 for a 30min appointment. Most Private Health Insurers can provide rebate for online physiotherapy assessments, but best to check with your provider first.


How do I book?

Book Online HERE or call us on 8840 8066.



Stay tuned from some further blogs outlining tips for specific conditions including neck pain and back pain, as well as how common ergonomic factors may be contributing to pain in these areas.