Spring into Action

25 Aug Spring into Action

Not sure where to start with your spring fitness regime? This can often be a challenging time as we dust off the running shoes and look to get moving again after a winter hibernation. This blog will outline some helpful tips about getting started and maintaining motivation for an exercise plan. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of your relationship with exercise, and especially for those who have struggled to adhere to exercise plans in the past.

1) Mindset and goal setting


A positive mindset and a clear direction is an essential starting point

  • You can’t change the past. Focus on what you can control: the present, and the future
  • Identify what motivates you, and make it positive and empowering
    • Desire to succeed is a stronger motivator than fear of failure (e.g. “so I can” rather than “so I don’t”)
  • Set a realistic short-term goal
    • It MUST be process-oriented rather than outcome-oriented (i.e. a goal of running 20mins three times per week is more likely to succeed than aiming to lose 3kg in a month).


2) Accountability


We all face little road blocks along the way – establishing some failsafe behaviours can enhance your adherence

  • Tracking your progress is important to appreciate your improvement
    • This can be done via an App (e.g. Strava), diary, or anything that works for you
  • Scheduling time in the diary, and/or finding a workout partner can help keep you on track
    • Group classes or personal trainer sessions are a great example of this


3) Look after your body


Consistency is the holy grail of behaviour change. The following tips will allow you to recover well after each session. 

  • Pick an activity you enjoy
    • An enjoyable activity increases your desire to exercise, and this helps motivation
  • Start slowly; build up gradually
    • Allow your body the necessary time to adjust to new demands
    • For more specific guidance READ HERE
  •  Ensure adequate hydration, nutrition and sleep to enable improved overall health and performance
    • Go back to basics: include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your day, be conscious of alcohol content, consume enough high quality proteins distributed throughout the day and choose wholegrain and good quality carbohydrates
    • Many people are not drinking enough water in isolation. Keep a glass or drink bottle on your desk and refill it often, set reminders on your phone to drink water and have at least a full glass of water with meals
    • Try to keep to some form of routine with meal and snack times throughout the day
    • Develop a sleep routine that will promote positive sleep patterns. For example: no screens at least an hour before bed and instead choose a light-hearted book to read. Try to keep a reasonable and consistent bed time


Spring into Action with SportsFit


To help you stay accountable, SportsFit are launching a ‘Spring into Action’ program to help kick-start your fitness and health goals. This six-week package features the following:

  • Online Dietitian appointment
    • Diet review plus assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on eating habits
  • Online Physiotherapy appointment
    • Develop an appropriate exercise plan while accounting for injury history and goals
  • Fortnightly review sessions
    • To facilitate accountability! And address any barriers as they come up.


Who would this benefit?

  • People looking to re-start or commence an exercise program
  • People that struggle to adhere to exercise programs
  • People who are currently exercising but lacking motivation
  • People who have an injury or health history and are anxious or fearful of exercise

It is suitable for all ages, and you do not have to be doing your exercise program at SportsFit. Whether you are seeing a personal trainer, taking local gym classes or wanting to exercise in the comfort of your own home- we are here to help keep you on the right track. Our therapists will importantly liaise with anyone else involved with your program- to make sure everyone understands and is working to together to help you achieve your goals.  

For more information and to book, contact our friendly reception team on 8840 8066.


For some further tips about motivation, check out the clip below with Former Wallaby Stephen Larkham: