Start 2021 with our SummerFit Package

30 Dec Start 2021 with our SummerFit Package

After the challenges of 2020, everyone is looking forward to a New Year! It’s also that time of year we set resolutions and many resolutions involve improving our health: losing weight, getting fitter, eating better or doing more exercise. Although we have great intentions, we often face difficulties of where to start and which advice to follow. 

If you look online or follow social media, there is an abundance of health advice out there. There is a lot of misleading advice (dietary and exercise) which can be driven by false-claims, no evidence and unqualified people. As a result you are unlikely to achieve the health goals you’ve set out to achieve.

At SportsFit Physio and Health, we are here to help you achieve those health goals for 2021.


What is our SummerFit Package?

To help you achieve your 2021 health goals, our SummerFit Package includes:

  • Dietitian/Nutrition Appointment 60min ($133)
  • Clinical Exercise Assessment 60min ($133)
  • x5 FREE Clinical Exercise Classes 60min each

Your Dietitian/Nutrition appointment with our highly qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist, will give you tailored and evidence-based advice for your diet and nutritional requirements to achieve your goals. They do not prescribe ‘diets’, but will be able review your current diet and work with you on achievable and realistic healthier eating, while also providing the necessary support to help you stick with your plan.

Your Clinical Exercise Assessment will be held by our highly qualified Physiotherapists who will assess your health goals, medical history and physical tests, to then prescribe a specific and evidence-based exercise program for your goals and body. Depending on your goals and needs, exercise programs may include cardio-vascular, strengthening, flexibility, posture and core-strengthening. As evidence supports people get better results with supervised exercise, we are also giving you 5 FREE supervised Clinical exercise classes- to make sure you are doing exercises correctly and keep you on the right track.

How do I book?

You can call our friendly reception team on (03)8840 8066 or alternatively you can book online here:

Please note:

-Make sure book both your Dietitian/Nutrition Appointment and Clinical Exercise Assessment;

-Yes you are able to claim both your Dietitian/Nutrition Appointment and Clinical Exercise Assessment under private health insurance;

-Both assessments needs to be completed in January or February 2021;

-Your group exercise classes can be booked following your Clinical Exercise Assessment.

We look forward to helping you start 2021 the right way.