Summer footwear tips from our Podiatrist

18 Dec Summer footwear tips from our Podiatrist

Keep cool this summer with the latest trends in quality summer sandals and footwear


Who would have thought that Birkenstock re-entered the fashion sandal scene a only a few years ago after being perceived as somewhat ugly!? Well Birkenstocks are here to stay this summer season and so are a couple of idyllic Australian-based (and New Zealand) brands.

Women (in particular) all over Melbourne have begun to trade in their flashy and flimsy sandals or thongs for podiatrist-rated brands such as Bared (Australian), Birkenstock (German), Frankie-4 (Australian) and Ziera (New Zealand) -just to name a few. It is a relief to be able to recommend summer footwear that is both fashion-savvy and good for the feet! And guys – there are plenty of options out there for you too!


Brands like the above are best known for quality and durability; you’re very unlikely to have a ‘blow-out’! Sandal options from these brands are great alternatives to wearing a closed-in shoe because they come with so many beneficial features such as:

  • Medial and lateral arch support to maintain a functional foot position.
  • Different widths to accommodate narrow through to wide feet.
  • Cushioned midsole and outsole for increased shock absorption and comfort.
  • Quality overlays (eg leather) to help regulate temperature and prevent sweaty, hot feet.
  • They look GREAT, feel COMFY and are fashionably ACCEPTABLE!

So you no longer have to suffer foot/leg pain by wearing non-supportive slip-ons. Fantastic!



Hot tips from our podiatrist:

  • Wear-in your new sandal just like a new orthotic, as it will be supportive and a little different to other types of sandals out there. I also suggest 1-hour on day one, 2-hours on day two, 3-hours on day three etc. By day seven your new sandals should be feeling great!
  • If you are currently experiencing foot or lower leg pain seek podiatry advice first for specific advice and management. Unfortunately new shoes don’t fix everything!