The AxIT system is coming to SportsFit

08 Jan The AxIT system is coming to SportsFit

We are taking our assessments to another level in 2021 with the AxIT system


It’s coming!

We are proud to introduce the use of life changing assessment technology in the AxIT system.

The AxIT system utilises equipment previously only found in elite sporting clubs or high tech research laboratories but now we will provide it to you. Measure exactly how you move and what we need to work on to get amazing health and fitness outcomes.

What is it?

The AxIT system is a cutting-edge assessment system that:

  • Can measure strength across the whole body;
  • Assess general movement;
  • Measure muscle limitations and imbalances through the body;
  • Provides accurate and instant real-time biofeedback – this takes the guess work out of measurement;
  • Tracks your progress;
  • Has over 120+ different tests;
  • Helps guide rehabilitation, set-up exercise programs, screening for athletes


Stay tuned as we will update you further on the AxIT system and how you can book your assessment soon.