Why choose Physio?

15 May Why choose Physio?

Are you are injured or in pain? Who should you see when there are many health professionals to choose from in Glen Iris?  One of the leading health professions who deal with injury and pain every day are physiotherapists.


Why choose Physio:

-Physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals who have undergone years of study at university and complete either a bachelor, masters or doctorate degree.

-Training includes hours of clinical placements gaining experience and working together with other health professionals.

-Physios are required to continue with ongoing professional development to maintain their registration.

-They work with their patients to help them get better and stay healthy.

-Physios are leaders in helping people with back, neck, spinal, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow pain.

-GP’s refer to physiotherapy more than any other health professional.

-Physios use advanced techniques and evidence-based care to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders.

-Physios help repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life.

-Physio can help you with back pain, spinal pain, neck pain and headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain and ankle sprains, hip pain, and elbow pain.

-Physio can help with rehabilitation post injury and surgical.

-Physio helps with injury prevention, maintenance, functional mobility, chronic disease management and education.

Why choose a SportsFit Physio?


We are your leaders in health and physio in Glen Iris, Malvern East and Ashburton.

-Our 5 Physios have over 50years experience combined!

-Our physios have all undergone further qualifications and examinations (including Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates Accreditation).

-Our physios are highly experienced in treating a variety of patients including elite/professional athletes (AFL, AIS, Rowing Australia, Cirque De Soleil, Australia Ski Team etc), recreational/amateur athletes and everyday people.

-Our physios have amazing experience working across a variety of environments including private practices and hospitals in Australia and overseas, elite sporting environments (AIS, VIS, AFL teams, Cirque De Soleil), Dance schools and local clubs.

-SportsFit are dedicated to a collaborative environment, where knowledge is shared and we optimise the outcomes to our patients using the latest advanced techniques.

-100% of your session time is dedicated to you.

-You do not pay a different price for a different practitioner.  All our physios are senior physios and you will always get the best level of care and expertise with all our practitioners.

-Our physios don’t just treat the symptoms.  Our approach is addressing all contributing factors to your condition, to not only aid recovery but also prevent it from coming back.

-SportsFit strongly believe in education and self-empowerment when it comes to health. This means you are given the tools to help your body, whether through exercises, rehabilitation or modifications.  The more you can look after yourself means less time spent in the clinic.