Plantar Warts

Do you suffer with warts?

Warts or Plantar warts are usually found on the base of feet and are caused by 100 of different strains of the human Papillomavirus (HPV). Plantar warts are most common in children, however they can occur at any age. They can go away within weeks, months or years without any medical treatment.


They look like small, hard bumps and can have tiny brown-black dots within. The average size can range from 1-10mm. They can sometimes cause discomfort from the amount of hard skin that grows as part of and around the wart.

Common causes and risk factors

  • People who have a supressed immune system (eg had the flu or other types of sickness).
  • People with fluctuating hormone levels.
  • People who suffer from sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis) or have cracked heels/open skin.
  • People who come into contact with “the virus” within high risk environments:
    • Direct skin contact with someone who has warts
    • Receiving foot care from cheap nail spas/salons using non-sterile equipment
    • Moist areas – public swimming pools and change rooms.
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Close up of a wart on a person's heel


Firstly, you can try the “wait and see” approach. Plantar warts can eventually go on their own. However, it is recommended to take action if they are causing discomfort or if they seem to be spreading on your skin.


Topical (over the counter) chemicals eg Duofilm or Wart Off can be trial at home, but with caution as these can harm the surrounding healthy skin! A controlled application from the podiatrist is recommended to decrease the likelihood of skin damage. Multiple sessions are needed to get rid of the wart(s), and can time!


Cryotherapy – freezing them with liquid nitrogen! Again, multiple sessions are needed to get rid of the wart(s).


At SportsFit Physio & Health our podiatrist uses precise debriding skills to ‘shave away’ the overlying dead skin on the wart(s) to then assess the site to determine the best type of treatment. Both chemical application, using clinical-strength salicylic acid, and cryotherapy are available at the clinic.

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