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Routine podiatry care

Orthotic prescription and review

Biomechanic assessments (walking and running)

Diabetic foot assessment

Shoe assessment and review

Exercise and rehabilitation

Dry needling

Our podiatrists in Glen Iris are not just foot but are lower limb experts. They not only diagnosis and treat disorders of the foot and ankle, but look at the whole lower limb.   Feet and limbs need to be taken care of so that a person remains in good health at all times. Our highly trained and experienced podiatrists can accurately diagnose your condition, identify what is contributing to it and then provide a strong evidence-based treatment plan. They provide you with advice about how to take care of your feet and help prevent feet or lower limb problems.

As well as general podiatry care, they are also highly trained in Doppler Ultrasound to provide a thorough neurovascular assessment of your feet, particular for conditions including Diabetes (click HERE for further info).
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Do you prescribe orthotics?

Yes we do prescribe both custom fit orthotics and off-the-shelf orthotics.  These are prescribed when indicated, as not everyone does need orthotics.  Our pods will give you the expert advice on what you require and the best options for you and your feet.

Do you see children?

Our podiatrists are skilled in managing children and teenagers.  We also help a variety of different people and ages including sports people, and people with chronic disease or disability in the feet or lower limbs.

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Feet and limbs need to be taken care of so that a person remains in good health at all times. Click HERE to keep your Feet Fit today.

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Some of the common injuries they help with include:

To read further information on some these conditions, click on those with available links.

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Conveniently located at 1622-1624 High St, Glen Iris, and servicing Malvern East, Ashburton, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Chadstone, Carnegie

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