Weight Loss Dietitian in Melbourne

Weight Loss Dietitian

SportsFit Physio and Health provides expert dietitian services to clients for weight loss purpose in the Melbourne area. Our weight loss dietitians don’t prescribe ‘diets’ or follow a one-size fits all model.  They understand everybody is different, and take a patient-centred approach which aims to set realistic and achievable goals. Weight loss and weight maintenance are not easy, and often people will try several approaches.  Research shows that the best outcomes are achieved with proper guidance, support and education- which our weight loss dietitians are here to provide. Using evidence-based measures, their guidance and support will also ensure you maintain a healthy and nutritious eating plan. They also understand diet is one part of the equation, and are happy to work alongside other health professionals so you can achieve your realistic goals.


Restore your healthy relationship with food again and consult with one of our dietitians today.

Services Include:

Weight loss

Nutrition advice for medical conditions

Increase energy levels and improve fatigue

Meal planning

Skin fold assessment

Food intolerance

Nutrition for Sport Performance both competition and training

Weight maintenance and malnutrition

Mindful eating practices


How Our Dietitian Can Help You Achieve Results


We understand that each person has specific nutrition requirements and we are here to provide a plan which meets the specific requirements of our clients. Our dietitians are highly qualified and fully trained to provide advice which is based on scientific evidence and experience. Whether it helps with meal planning, weight loss or managing a particular condition consulting our dietitian provides the perfect solutions. Our expert services include weight loss, nutritional advice for medical conditions, increased energy levels, meal planning,  food intolerance, nutrition for sports performance, weight maintenance and mindful eating practices.


Weight loss and nutrition requires following a well-planned eating schedule under the supervision of a professional dietician. With good knowledge in the field of nutrition, our dietitian’s design meal plans considering your personal lifestyle and choices. Our dietitians provide meal plans according to latest research findings and our services are highly beneficial for those who want to lose weight or manage their diet intake. If you are a sports star or a person who requires special meal plans just contact us now!


We love communication so you can contact our friendly staff anytime you need advice regarding our services. It is our aim to help the people EatFit,  stay healthy and help them achieve their desired goals with the help of our expert services and dietitians. Please feel free to get in touch with us for additional information about weight loss dietician services in the Melbourne area!

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