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SportsFit’s yoga classes are unique with our yogi Victoria, also a qualified Clinical Psychologist. Classes are kept to a maximum of 5 people, so you are closely supervised and challenged depending on your level of ability. Victoria’s teaching style is spacious, inquisitive and light-hearted. Her aim is to get you in tune with the mind-body connection. She will teach you how to use your breath to find softness and strength during your practice, taking you beyond your comfort zone… Victoria’s mantra is that you will only grow if you give yourself permission to expand!


Intuitive Flow:

Victoria has style of class is based on Vinyasa yoga. She has interwoven together her knowledge in psychology, her studies of yogic philosophy and Buddhism, and her belief that all things are a form of energy. Victoria’s class will encourage your mind and body to come back together in harmony, creating space for presence and intuitive wisdom.


Each of her classes will take into account the time of day, the weather, the cycle of the moon, and the energy of the students.


What you can expect from each class:

  1. You will learn/refine the basics of yoga, including proper alignment of the body and how to transition smoothly from pose to pose.
  2. How to incorporate the breath to cultivate the experience of a moving meditation.
  3. Slow movement and long holds.
  4. Flowing movement through a series of sequential poses.
  5. An opportunity to advance your practice.


All classes will have a theme or focus and at least 10 minutes will be dedicated solely to mindfulness and meditation.

Services Include:

Yoga classes (4 maximum per class)

Private Yoga sessions (60min)

Mindfullness and Meditation

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