Prenatal Pilates In Glen Iris

Prenatal Pilates


SportsFit Physio and Health clinic is your choice for reliable Clinical Pilates in the Melbourne area. Prenatal Pilates is effective workout techniques for women who want to stay fit and relaxed during pregnancy. Pilates offers relaxation, strength and flexibility during the pregnancy when it is important to be fit and keep core muscles including your pelvic floor strong.


Our highly qualified staff will be able to give personalized programs designed to meet your individual needs.  This gives you a chance to do appropriate exercises while pregnant.  In particular, our programs can help with your pelvic floor, postural and core strength, and general fitness.  Prenatal Pilates is designed to not only help you during but also after your pregnancy.


You don’t need to work on your body alone as we are here to help you in every possible way. Prenatal Pilates exercise routines can be set up weekly so that you can better manage work and personal life. Pregnancy Pilates is effective in lifting your mood and helping you cope with pregnancy, and keeping you PregnantFit.


How Pilates Can Help You During Pregnancy



During pregnancy, you are sure to hear about your pelvic floor.  These are the sling of muscles in our pelvis that help hold your bowel, uterus and bladder in place.  Your pelvic floor helps control bowel/bladder function and also plays an important role in the core and pelvic stability.  It is known being pregnant can place a lot of stress on your pelvic floor- so keeping this strong is quite important.

Your body will also undergo postural changes and the hormones produced can often make your joints more unstable.  This can often result in pain and reduced function- not ideal when you are preparing for a baby. Pilates exercises have a strong focus on all of the above.  Therefore this can a great form of exercise to help you during pregnancy.


Prenatal pilates is tailored exercises to help women focus on pelvic floor, posture, balance, strength and coordination. Prenatal Pilates helps by keeping the muscles throughout the body strong, toned and connected to the core.  This aims to not only improve your pelvic floor strength but also help reduce pregnancy aches and pain.


Let us work together for keeping your body fit by indulging in appropriate exercises that help keep pelvis stronger during pregnancy. Our expert services in the Melbourne area are fully reliable and customer friendly. If you have any special requirements then we are more than happy to fulfil them. We assure full client satisfaction and offer our services at highly affordable rates in the Glen Iris area. You may contact our staff who is forever willing to help you with any queries you may have regarding prenatal pilates or if you would like to gain advice on our services.


We are passionate about helping individuals adjust to pregnancy lifestyle with confidence and pride. You can opt for the online booking system or call us when required. For additional information on prenatal pilates in the Melbourne area contact us today!

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