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Our philosophy is everyone deserves the same level of care and expertise, from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. And as our name suggests managing sports injuries is our speciality. This comes from completing further qualifications and extensive experience. 

Highly experienced

Our team has worked extensively in the field of sports medicine (over a combined 50 years!). This experience extends from working with elite professional athletes and recreational athletes- in both team settings and individually. We have worked with a variety of sports and in particular in football (AFL, AFLW, VFLW, VAFA), rowing, soccer, cricket, basketball, tennis, volleyball, netball, swimming, aerialist, performers and running.

Highly qualified

As well as completing a qualification in physiotherapy, all our therapist’s have completed further training and courses in sports medicine. This ensures our team are the experts in diagnosing and managing sports-related injuries. We continue to learn and stay up to date with the latest evidence- ensuring you get the best level of care. In fact both our directors are recognised as APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapists.

Cutting-edge technology

When you book a sports physiotherapy session- you will be provided with a management plan based on the best-evidence and utilizing the latest in technology. Not just limited to professional athletes, we can accurately measure your strength (through our AxIT strength testing system) or have you return to running earlier on our Alter G Anti-gravity treadmill (READ MORE HERE). 

Let our expert Sports Physiotherapists help you achieve your goals.

Sports Physiotherapy can help you specifically:

Recover From Your Current Acute Injury

Improve your Body to Optimise Performance and Prevent Injury

Stay SportsFit

Provide Accurate Diagnosis of Sports Injury

Get Advice on Loading and Exercise Prescription

Overcome Your Chronic Injury

Our Sports Physiotherapists are experts in:
  • Sports Injury Diagnosis
  • Sports Taping
  • Strengthening
  • Exercise Programs
  • Stretching
  • Load Monitoring
  • Pelvic Stability / Core Stability
  • Movement and Technique Analysis
  • Video Analysis
Ready to get your life SportsFit healthy? Then let’s get started!

Every body deserves to be SportsFit and it’s our goal to make that happen. Servicing Glen Iris, Malvern East, Ashburton, Carnegie, Chadstone, Caulfield

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