Do I need a referral for physiotherapy | podiatry | dietitian?

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Do I need a referral for physiotherapy | podiatry | dietitian ?

NO is the short answer, you do not need a referral for physiotherapy, podiatry or dietitian. do i need referral for physiotherapyThe reason is allied health professionals are primary healthcare providers, which means they can provide you first-hand health care.

In fact you do not a referral for any of our services including any general physio, sports physiotherapy, podiatry, dietitian & nutrition, remedial massage or exercise programs (GLA:D, Clinical Exercise, Pilates).

The only instances when you do need a referral for a physiotherapist, podiatrist or dietitian is if you are claiming under Medicare for Chronic Disease Management (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care) or claiming with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

What is the Chronic Disease Management (CDM)?

The Chronic Disease Management (CDM), formerly known as the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, allows patients to receive rebates under Medicare for physiotherapy, podiatry and dietitian. To be eligible, you must have a chronic medical condition (one that is present or likely to be present for > 6months) and require a multidisciplinary, team-based care including your GP and 2 other health professionals. Examples of chronic medical conditions include musculoskeletal conditions (eg chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, osteoarthritis), diabetes, and cardio-vascular disease.

Your GP is the one who decides if you are eligible, and if so can then refer for up to 5 sessions of physiotherapy, podiatry, dietitian or other services- depending on your requirements.

At SportsFit, we are able to process all CDM claims on the spot- so you get your rebate back immediately. You can read more about CDM HERE.

What about using private health funds?

No you still do not need a referral for physiotherapy or other services when claiming under your private health insurance. Our HICAPs machine will also enable you to claim your services on the day.

What about DVA?

To claim under DVA, yes you do required a referral for physiotherapy, podiatry or dietician from your GP. This includes if you are a Veteran Gold Card or Veteran White Card holder.

Referrals are valid for up to 12 sessions or one year, whichever ends first. At this completion your GP can refer you for another cycle of treatment if required.

More details can be found HERE. 

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