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Clinical Pilates In Glen Iris

SportsFit Physio and Health is proud to be a leader in providing Clinical Pilates in the Glen Iris area.

Why choose Clinical Pilates?

Our health is highly important, especially  a healthy body and a healthy mind.  Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that helps exercise both the body and the mind.  Pilates is an exercise method consisting of key principles including:

Centering:  This is often described as “core-strength” or “core-stability”.  Being strong through our centre or core can enable the rest of the body to work more efficiently.  Every movement we do involves our core, and it is believed that being weak or poor in our core may be a risk factor for injury.

Breathing:  Breathing is fundamental for life, but why do we often hold our breath while we exercise?  Clinical Pilates can teach you to efficiently breath and using the diaphragm muscle correctly.

Concentration: Our mind is the control centre for our body, and often through injury, we can lose the ability to activate the right muscles.  Focusing while exercising, ensures you use and recruit the correct muscles, and this will provide more benefits while you exercise.

Control: Control is your ability to maintain correct posture and control through the body while we exercise.

Flowing Movement: Working smoothly and efficiently with all our movements is the desire.  If you watch any of the top athletes you will often see how effortless they seem to be able to perform.

Precision: Attention to detail is important to ensure you are using correct technique.

Clinical Pilates is a combination of the Pilates method and rehabilitation methods,  therefore it can be a great form of exercise to help you achieve your fitness and/or rehabilitation goals.  Our classes are designed to be an effective form of exercise, to help you:

Recover From and Prevent Injury

Improve Core-Stability / Strength

Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Improve & Correct Posture

Improve General Strength & Endurance

Improve Balance

Improve Coordination

Supplement Other Exercise Regimes


Why choose SportsFit Physio & Health?


At SportsFit we are committed to making peoples lives happier and improving public health in the Glen Iris area and surrounds.  We understand everybody is different and responds differently to exercise, so we should not all be doing the same thing.  Your goals also become our goals and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients achieve the benefits outlined above. We believe in not only helping people improve in physical fitness, but also in improving in mental fitness. Through helping our clients work on improving their strength, posture, balance and coordination, we see this leads to increased mental concentration and confidence. There is then a marked improvement in personal and professional life.


Our Clinical Pilates Classes have been designed so that you can integrate the workout regime properly with your daily schedule.  This means the results translate across to your everyday tasks.  Will ensure by joining our Clinical Pilates you are moving towards achieving your fitness goals.  So if you need to improve your general health or just enjoy a good exercise session consider investing your time and energy in our Pilates classes.

Clinical Pilate Classes


Clinical Pilates Classes at SportFit are held in our state of the art studio in the Glen Iris Area.  All classes are run by Pilates Instructors who are also highly qualified physiotherapists.  Therefore they not only have a great understanding of the human body, injury and rehabilitation, but it also ensures that you can claim private health insurance rebates. Pilates classes initially begin with a one-on-one assessment and private class.  We understand everybody is different and has different goals.  An assessment ensures we can fully understand the personal requirements of an individual and allows us to ensure your program is tailor-made for your goals and body.  After you have been assessed and are confident, you are then able to join our group classes.


Ensuring you still receive proper supervision, we keep our group classes to a maximum of four people, where everybody is doing their own individual program guided by the instructor.  In our studio, we have the latest reformers, trapeze table, wunda chair, and barrell, so our programs are able to utilize a combination of mat-work and equipment Pilates.


Pilates is extremely beneficial when you need to recover from or prevent injuries. It can also be used to supplement other forms of exercise regimes. Clinical Pilates is very often used with physiotherapy for treatment of a variety of injuries.

Our Clinical Pilates programs can help you with:
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Sports Performance
  • Chronic Pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Acute & Chronic Injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pre and Post Surgery
  • Osteoporosis

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, and we have been lucky to provide our expert services to a number of clients and have helped many with different health concerns.


We encourage communication and you can always contact us for any advice you may need regarding Pilates training. Now is the time to contact us if you would like additional information about Clinical Pilates in the Glen Iris area or would like a tour of our studio!

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