Strength Testing / Screening

The AxIT System

Now you can be tested like a professional athlete!

Using technology that previously was limited to elite sporting environments, we can now measure exactly how strong and fast your muscles are.

How does the AxIT system work?

The AxIT system can perform a complete assessment of strength and power of almost any muscle in the body, as well as the movements you need to perform in daily life and sport, including squats, lunges, deadlifts, hops, jumps, push-ups and many more.

Utilizing pull-it, push-it and force plate components, we can test and measure your strength (isometric, eccentric and concentric), and provide you with real-time biofeedback- giving you instant results you can see.

It will measure how strong you are (peak force), how powerful you are (how quickly muscles work) and any muscle imbalances across the body (comparing your left and right sides, agonist and antagonist muscle groups).

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Do you actually know how strong you are? Which muscles or movements should you be focusing on? Without this knowledge you may not be addressing the right areas of your body. By having a clearer understanding of your strengths, deficiencies, discrepancies and progression over time, it means you can be like an elite athlete and get the best out of your strengthening or rehabilitation programs.

What is this useful for?

INJURY PREVENTION. Screen your body for your particular sport / exercise and reduce your risk of getting injured.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE. Improve your body to optimise performance by making sure you have the required strength and power to perform your activities.

RECOVERING FROM INJURY / PAIN. Whether an acute soft tissue injury or longstanding chronic pain, correctly assessing your strength will better guide your rehabilitation and help you get back to being pain free faster.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Easily see and compare your strength over time to keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.

How can I get my strength tested?

Our highly skilled physiotherapists are already using the AxIT system in our physio and clinical exercise assessments, and are getting amazing results with our clients (and at no extra cost your standard appointment). We strongly believe in providing our clients with the elite level of care and helping you get pain free, recover from injury and achieve your health goals faster.

Alternatively, you can also book a Strength Assessment /Screening session. This 60 minute assessment will:

  • Assess your health goals;
  • Assess your strength and movements specific to your health goals, activities or sport;
  • Provide you with a detailed baseline report indicating your peak strength and power, any strength deficiencies and imbalances;
  • Provide you with the tools and exercise program specifically targeted to your body and health goals.

With these baseline measures, you can then book a follow up assessment (30 minutes) to measure and track your progress. 

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If you need any further information on how a AxIT strength assessment can help you, please call us on (03) 8840 8066 or send an email to Our friendly team and expert physios are here to answer your questions.

Do you want to know exactly how fast and strong you are?

Everybody deserves access to elite level of care. Be assessed like a professional athlete at SportsFit.

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