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What is the Alter-G Treadmill?

The Alter-G treadmill is an anti-gravity treadmill and a revolutionary rehabilitation tool.  It allows users to exercise, walk or run at a percentage of their body weight (going as light as only 20% body weight).  This minimizes impact and stress on the joints, and allows you to return to exercise earlier and promote a faster recovery.

What is it used for?

  • Post-surgery- especially lower limb such as ACL or spinal surgery where full weight-bearing is restricted or limited
  • Bone stress injury rehabilitation
  • Lower limb injury rehabilitation- ankle sprains etc
  • Low back pain- walking and progressive jogging without impact through the spine
  • Gait/Walking retraining
  • Cardiovascular and strength training for those with arthritis
  • Strength and conditioning for older people in a fall-safe environment
  • Weight-loss programs
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Osteoarthritis in ankles, knees and hips
Alter G Treadmill Costs:

Assessment, protocol set-up and first 30min session ($132)

If you are using our machine for the first time and require a program from our expert team

Protocol set up and first 30min session ($102)

If you are using our machine for the first time and you already have a running program

30 minute session (x1 for $45 or x5 Pass for $150)

60 minute session (x1 $65 or x5 Pass $250)

To use the Alter G treadmill you must initially book an assessment or protocol set-up session with our highly trained physiotherapists. Bookings can be made by calling our friendly admin team on (03) 8840 8066.

This is to teach you the safe protocols of using the machine. Following an assessment, users then can book 30 or 60 minute sessions on the Alter G treadmill – which can be done online for convenience.

running on alter g anti gravity treadmill

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