YouthFit: Addressing and Preventing Injuries in the Growing Body

YouthFit is a unique exercise class designed to help kids build strength, endurance, mobility, agility, and resilience while preventing injuries. Led by experienced physiotherapists, each session combines fun activities with clinical expertise to create an engaging and educational environment.


What is a YouthFit Class

These 60 minutes classes are specifically for primary or secondary school students, to provide a fun, safe and comfortable environment for kids to do exercise.

Typically classes begin with warm-up routines, focusing on flexibility and mobility, preparing young muscles and joints for the exercises ahead. Then, guided and supervised by physiotherapists, each person is given exercises tailored to enhance core strength, improve balance, and develop coordination depending on their individual goals.

Using our Pilates and gym equipment and evidence-based techniques, YouthFit incorporates resistance training, bodyweight exercises, and dynamic movements. Through structured programs which are tailored to the individual, kids progressively build strength and endurance while learning proper form and technique.

YouthFit also prioritizes injury prevention by conducting thorough assessments to identify potential issues and develop personalized strategies to address them. By targeting weaknesses early on, the program aims to reduce the risk of sports-related injuries.

Beyond physical development, YouthFit promotes teamwork, confidence, and a positive attitude towards exercise. Educational components cover nutrition, hydration, and rest, empowering kids to make healthy choices.

In essence, YouthFit offers more than just fitness—it’s a class that equips children with the skills, knowledge, and mindset for a healthier future. By investing in their well-being now, we’re laying the groundwork for happier, healthier generations to come.

How do I book YouthFit

YouthFit begins first with a 30minute physiotherapy assessment, which you can book by calling us on (03) 8840 8066. This is necessary to help provide a tailored exercise program and an introduction to the studio and equipment. Following this you will then be able to book your YouthFit classes. With all our group exercise classes we offer the option of purchasing a casual pass or an option for x10 or x20 class passes. Full details of pricing is found HERE.

Looking to see if YouthFit is the right class for your child?