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Our physiotherapists specialize in helping people recover from back pain. Whether it is an acute low back pain episode or a chronic back pain, our physio’s will help you get pain free. 

Our back physios don’t just treat the muscles, but are highly skilled in treating all the tissues and potential causes of your pain including joints, bones, discs, ligaments and muscles. 

With extensive years of experience, a back pain physio will not only accurately diagnose your condition but also determine all the contributing factors. This ensures you will get the best treatment to not only recover from your pain, but also prevent it from coming back.

What is the best back pain treatment

The best treatment for pain starts with understanding the history to understand why and how it occurred. Treatment for back pain should always be specific to your body, identify the causes of your injury and address your goals and function. Sometimes imaging may be required, but often this is not the case, and a back pain physio is sn expert in determining if you require further investigation (eg. MRI, X-ray).

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Our back physios are highly skilled in a variety of techniques. Some of the treatments that we offer to help recover from your pain include:

Joint mobilization and manipulation

Soft tissue release (massage, stretching, fascial release, deep trigger release)

McKenzie / Movement Based Therapy Treatment

MET (Muscle-Energy Techniques) treatment

Core-stability strengthening/activation programs

Dry- needling

Taping and back supports

Strengthening and stretching exercise programs

Clinical Pilates and Clinical Exercise programs (supervised on-site or home-based)

Why do I get back pain?

It is one of the most common conditions our physiotherapists help with, with 60-80% of people experiencing an episode of back pain in their life time. Back pain experiences will vary from person to person and from episode to episode. It is often the most debilitating injury and the pain can stem from various origins and structures.

Commonly the reason we get injured, is we place too much stress on the tissues over time and eventually they will get strained, inflammed, tight, painful etc. This stress is usually a build up over time (due to postures, repetitive movements).

At Sportsfit Physio & Health our Back Physiotherapists have all the tools to ensure you have a full recovery.

What is the common cause of back pain?

1.Overuse – repetitive movement or positions place stress on the tissues. The body can cope with these stressors to a point. Beyond this point the tissues can not longer tolerate the load and pain and injury may occur.

This could be due to:

  • poor posture
  • poor sporting technique
  • weakness
  • poor flexibility

2.Acute tissue injury – a sudden movement that causes pain and overloads the tissue beyond its natural ability

Common reasons this occurs:

  • lifting with poor posture
  • lifting in suboptimal positions
  • lifting a load that is too heavy

Common source of symptoms

Joints on either side of your spine (facet joints)






Referred pain from another source

READ MORE HERE about how physiotherapy can help different types of back pain.

Our back pain physiotherapists are helping locals of Glen Iris, Malvern East, Ashburton, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Carnegie and Caulfield.

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