Hip Pain

Do you suffer with hip pain?

Our hips are constantly being loaded and hip pain can affect people of all activity levels, whether we sit, stand, or play sport. Hips become quite complex to treat due to their integrated relationship with the pelvis, SIJ and spine.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that is important in both movement and stability, and because of this it can become a key loading point.

Common source of symptoms

Hip joint (cartilage, labrum)






Referred pain eg. back, groin

What causes hip pain?

As the hip is so central to movement and activity it can easily become overloaded. The joint itself may become overloaded, as may the muscles, tendons and ligaments that help support the joint. The hip joint is surrounded by an extra rim of cartilage called the labrum to help create stability and is another source of overload.

Hip pain can be caused by an acute injury to the hip. This can be direct trauma to the hip, a stretching injury, an impact injury or twisting injury.

Hip pain may also be more insidious and increase over time. There are many reasons why you might overload the tissues of the hip and cause pain some of which could be:

– impingement due to your bony structure and genetics

– impingement due to muscle tightness

– positions you might get into for work or sport

– childhood hip pathology

At Sportsfit Physio and Health our Physios have all the tools to ensure you have a full recovery.


It is important to have your hip assessed by a physio to determine the source of pain and the contributing factors to your condition.

A thorough assessment of your hip, spine, leg and biomechanics needs to take place to determine the causative factors for you pain. A rehabilitation program that addresses your whole body will ensure you have a complete and successful return to normal activity.


Physiotherapy management for hip pain will be varied dependent on your presentation but may include:

  • soft tissue release
  • joint mobilisation
  • dry needling
  • strengthening exercises for your hip and core
  • stretching
  • pilates or motor control exercises
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