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28 Feb Autumn Recipe- Vegetable Lasagna

Who doesn't enjoy a nice lasagna for dinner? Check out this awesome and healthy take on a vegetable lasagna by Georgia Walker (Nutritionist & Student Dietitian). Use brown lentils instead of beef mince for a vegetarian friendly recipe!   Sauce mix 500g beef mince OR 2 tins drained and...

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30 Jan Smart Eating Week

Smart Eating Week is from the 10th – 16th February. It is an initiative that aims to highlight how dietitians can help you make smart and healthy food choices that align with your nutrition related goals. It can be overwhelming to navigate making Smart Eating decisions...

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27 Dec Setting Nutrition Goals

The beginning of a New Year means it’s often time for resolutions. These almost always include a health related change, such as ‘eating healthier’ or ‘losing weight’. However, all too often these drastic lifestyle modifications only last weeks, maybe even days. So, how can we set...

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30 Oct Off-Season Nutrition Tips

After completing an event, or at the conclusion of a racing or competing season, athletes enter the off-season. This recovery phase allows time for repair, reflection, and rest, both physically and mentally. There are a number of nutritional considerations to be aware of during this time,...

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30 Oct Meet Alex Stone

Alex graduated from Monash University with a Master of Dietetics and a Bachelor of Nutrition Science to become an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD). She also completed a Bachelor of Applied Science at Deakin University, majoring in Psychology. Alex is particularly interested in Sports Nutrition; she is...

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