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Our experienced physiotherapists are here to help assess and treat your headaches. There are many types of headaches with various origins and causes. Many headaches are caused by neck joint or muscle dysfunction, these are known as cervicogenic headaches. They can be complex and impacted by many aspects of your daily life such as posture, exercise and sleep. It is important to note that physiotherapy can only assist in those that are of a musculoskeletal origin.

Common causes

Cervicogenic headaches are a type of headache that stem from the neck and emanate to the head (the back, the top or the side). The muscles that help support and move the neck can develop trigger points or tight bands that refer into the head. The joints that are on either side of the spine (facet joints) when stiff or not moving as they should can also refer to the head.

Headaches can occur gradually or can occur as a result of an injury. People suffering cervicogenic headaches will have an associated sore or stiff neck. Contributing to the gradual onset of headaches can be:


sleeping position


poor training technique


biomechanical insufficiencies

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A thorough assessment by your physiotherapist will help guide management by identifying the irritated structure and cause of your headaches.

Treatment often includes:

  • Joint mobilisation to improve the movement of the neck, reducing the referral into the head
  • Muscle release through massage, dry needling, stretching to reduce tension and joint compression
  • Taping to help offload the irritated structure or assist with posture
  • Education

Long term management and prevention includes postural management and strengthening.


It is important that your physiotherapist addresses all the aspects that may affect your health and well being to holistically manage your headache. At Sportsfit we take great care in understanding the full picture and getting to understand you.

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