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SportsFit Physio & Health is a trustworthy clinic which offers sports nutritionist and sports dietitian services in Glen Iris, Malvern East, Ashburton and surrounds. Why choose us? When it comes to sport and nutrition, we have one of the best in the business. Alex Stone is the current head dietitian for the Hawthorn FC (AFL and AFLW teams) and has extensive experience working across multiple sports.


What is the benefits? Good sporting performance requires that the athletes be in top health condition so that they can perform at their best and stay injury-free. Good food is an essential part of maintaining good health and eating the right food can help improve sporting performance.

A knowledgeable sports nutritionist or sports dietitian provides critical information to the clients about the best nutrition plans. Proper workout, practice and discipline lead to best overall physical and mental development which is essential for any athlete. Athletes require a well-balanced diet which is rich in iron and calcium so that the body gets the required nutrition. A healthy body also supports a healthy mind and good mental abilities are essential for taking right decisions and improving performance.

You do not need to be an elite athlete to access the advice of our sports dietitian.  Many public and sports people can benefit from our skills and knowledge. Providing individual attention to each customer we provide education and plans which suit specific individuals according to their needs. We provide nutrition counselling for all individuals and engage individuals in menu development plans. Our sports nutritionist work with clients for developing nutrition plans which can fit all athletic lifestyles.

Our expert counsel clients in healthy eating practices for athletics, promoting a healthy lifestyle for individuals involved in sports and also help keep abreast of current nutritional research.

Our Sport Dietitian / Nutritionist

Alex Stone has both a Masters of Dietetics and a Bachelor of Nutrition Science. She has then gained years of experience in the field of sports medicine. This includes working with the sports nutrition teams at St Kilda (AFL), Sandringham (VFL), Williamstown (VFL), and Hawthorn (AFL). Currently, Alex is now the Head Dietitian for the Hawthorn AFLW team. Not only footballers, Alex in the clinic has been helping athletes across multiple sports and abilities (including recreational, amateur and professional).

Our approach is to work with the clients to identify the best eating and drinking strategies so as to meet the individual schedule training or competition requirements. The nutrition training and advice provided by our sports dietitian is extremely beneficial for improving general health and immunity, increasing energy levels, concentration, building physique and quick recovery from injuries.

You will find that our sports dietitian Alex is patient-centered while helping the clients to take care of their special nutrition requirements. If you want to improve your diet and sporting performance then what can be a better way than our expert services. We take pride in our services and wish to continue providing high-quality services to our wonderful clients and make a positive impact on the lives of people. So come with us and improve your diet so that you can be fit to win any challenging competition!

We want to work with our clients in creating a world which is fit and happier. Our team is efficient and we assure full customer satisfaction. Our friendly staff is here to assist you with any queries about our sports nutritionist or sports dietitian services in the Glen Iris area. The online booking system allows you to make an appointment or you can call us today.

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