Rowing Assessment

Rowing Assessment

Our expert team has worked from school aged rowers up to the Olympic Athlete, and understand the demands on the athlete at each level. The rowing stroke is a highly repetitive task, requiring many aspects of Fitness including good technique, posture, motor control, muscle strength and power, balance, flexibility and rhythm. Due to the repetitive nature of rowing, poor posture, technique or motor control will lead to reduced performance and potential injury. Low back pain is the most common injury seen amongst school aged rowers and is largely preventable with the right advice and exercise program.

Our cutting-edge assessments include:

Video-analysis of technique

Body screening including assessment of strength, flexibility and control

Rowing specific education and exercises to address areas of concern

Collaboration with coaches to implement drills or boat modifications to minimise time out of the boat

Rowing assessments are ideal for:
  • New Rowers
  • Rowers With an Acute or Chronic Injury
  • Rowers Returning to the Sport
  • Rowers Wanting to Improve Their Performance
  • Athletes Using Rowing Machines for Cross Training
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