Callus and Corns

Do you suffer with callus or corns?

Callus and corns are areas of hard skin and can occur in multiple sites on feet. Callus is often more spread out, over a larger area, while corns are localised and deeper. If they are left for a long time, they can be uncomfortable and cause pain.

Common area of callus

under the big toe

on the tips of toes

under the ball of the foot

under or around the heel

Common area of corns

on top of the toes

between toes

on the sides and under nail edges

under the ball of the foot

How do I get callus and corns?

  • Prolonged pressure from walking/running
  • High pressure from tight footwear like high heels
  • Poor foot posture – having ‘flat feet’ or a ‘high arch’
  • Poor blood circulation from smoking or diabetes
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At your appointment, your podiatrist will take a comprehensive history to understand how the callus and/or corns have progressed, and whether they are painful or not. The most effective way of managing callus and corns is to debride and enucleate the site of concern. This provides instant relief. Please be aware that these clinic techniques can only be performed by a trained health professional like our podiatrist!


Helpful treatment modalities callus and corns:

  • Regular exfoliation and skin filing
  • Nightly moisturizer application
  • Wearing well-fitted shoes and padded socks


Our podiatrist at SportsFit Glen Iris has all the tools and experience required to treat callus and corns. You’ll feel like you’re “walking on air” after an appointment.

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