Online Exercise Classes (Telehealth)

Online Classes to help keep you fit and healthy


Our physical health and mental health has never been as important as now. SportsFit are excited to provide Physio-led, fully supervised exercise programs where you are guided every step of the way in the comfort of your own home.  NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED, all you need is either a phone or computer and quiet space to exercise in. These classes are designed to keep you LifeFit and provide social interaction– both extremely important. We will be providing cost-effective and different styled classes to suit your needs:

Clinical Exercise Group Class

Ideal for current clients who have been doing Clinical Exercise, and new clients wanting targeted exercises for the whole body and tailored to the individual.

45 min classes with a maximum 4 people

Fully supervised at all times by qualified Physiotherapists

Targeted exercises for mobility/flexibility and balance

Targeted exercises for strengthening arms,legs and core

Different levels of exercises (based on experience and ability)

A list of all exercises given will be emailed to you after the class

Variety with programs, updated every 2 weeks

Social interaction from the safety of your own home

Costs: $25 per class (x10 Pass for $200)

How does it work

Prior to each class you will be emailed a link to access the class. We are using the technology Zoom, and you can read details HERE how this works.

Our instructors will then guide and supervise you through your program. Throughout classes you may also be shown certain exercises straight to your screen. You won’t be able to see other participants doing the exercises but will be able to engage and chat.


What do I need

For all classes you will only need a minimum of:

-A computer/phone device (with video/audio function) set up so the camera can show your whole body;

-A quiet and comfortable space, to allow you to move freely;

-A chair, a towel and a pillow.

If you do have equipment such as a mat, foam roller, weights, exercise bands, fitball etc, we recommend you have these also accessible to use. You may choose to play some light music in your background- provided you can still hear our instructors and have some friendly banter!

How to book

You can BOOK ONLINE HERE or please contact us on (03) 8840 8066 or email:

Who can do these classes

Our variety of classes are designed to help cater for all people or different ages and abilities.

Please note:

  • For all our HomeFit Group Classes you must be able to get on and off the floor;
  • Our Online Clinical Exercise Classes DO cater for people that cannot exercise on the floor;
  • If you have any specific medical condition affecting your ability to exercise or injury concerns you need to consult privately with our Physio’s beforehand;
  • Any new clients to Clinical Exercise, we recommend a 1:1 Online Physio session prior to commencing classes (to assess your body and understand your goals).

Our Instructors

SportsFit’s instructors are all highly qualified physiotherapists who have undertaken further training in the Pilates method and exercise science.  They have extensive knowledge about the human body, movement, exercise, pathology and healing.

We love to challenge our clients and make sure they get the best out of their bodies, so you can stay LifeFit!

Ready to get your life SportsFit healthy? Then let’s get started!

Every body deserves to be SportsFit and it’s our goal to make that happen. Get in touch using the below button.

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