5 Tips for Travelling with Back Pain

14 Dec 5 Tips for Travelling with Back Pain

It is an exciting time to be travelling somewhere new, but for some, travel can mean discomfort or pain in the back, especially over long-distance trips.

Check out our tips below to make sure you are HolidayFit!

1.Schedule regular breaks

photo-of-couples-smiling-while-leaning-on-vehicle-2590605If you are planning a road trip which involves hours of driving, be sure to stop and smell the roses. Not only will scheduled breaks allow movement, they will give you an opportunity to soak in the atmosphere and increase alertness for the next leg of the drive. It is also a good idea to rotate between drivers, giving each driver time to have a break.


2.Stretch and move

woman-stretching-on-ground-3076509Movement is key in back pain management and even though you may be buckled into a seat, there are plenty of seated stretches you can do:

  1. Roll your shoulders forwards and backwards;
  2. Roll your pelvis forwards and backwards;
  3. Cross your arms on your chest and twist left and right (provided you are not driving at the time!);
  4. Turn your head left and right.


If you have a little more room, why not stretch your legs. If you are on a flight, have a walk up and down the plane aisle when allowed to increase circulation and help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis.


3.Pack light

man-riding-on-yellow-forklift-1267329Although it is tempting to pack your whole life into a suitcase, be mindful that this is extra weight which you will be lugging around or lifting. Make sure your backpack is worn close to your body and use both straps to distribute the weight evenly. If possible, opt for a suitcase with wheels to take the load off your body.


4.Lift your luggage with care

blue-and-red-superman-print-tank-top-shirt-38630Let’s be honest, sometimes we can’t cut down on the luggage. When you do need to move heavy items, make sure you use a good lifting technique. Your legs are longer and stronger than your arms, so use them when lifting your bags. Don’t try and be the hero when lifting heavy luggage. Call for assistance when needed or lift your suitcase with your travel buddy.


5.Plan ahead!

photo-of-vehicles-on-road-during-evening-1600757When booking a trip, try to avoid peak travel times. This will mean less time spent waiting in traffic and more time spent at your destination.

Additionally, if flying make sure you allow plenty of time to get to the airport. It is better to arrive early and spend time walking around, than to be rushing and adding unhelpful stress.

Be sure to check out the facilities available at your accommodation when booking and make the most of the pool or gym on your holiday.


Should you need further help, SportsFit’s Glen Iris and Malvern East physio’s specialize in back pain management. We can provide treatment and tailored exercises for your body before or after your holiday.


We wish you a safe and fun holiday!