Are you Row Fit?

13 Feb Are you Row Fit?

Rowing is a largely endurance sport that requires many areas of fitness including leg strength and power, flexibility, balance, timing and coordination. An efficient stroke relies on flexibility through the hamstrings, hips and lower back as well as quadriceps and gluteal muscles along with good control through the core and shoulder girdle. Reduced strength and control through these areas can lead to inefficient force transmission to the oar resulting in reduced performance and also an increase in injury risk.
Acute injuries are very uncommon in rowing. Most injuries are overuse injuries which are brought on by poor technique, muscle imbalances and sometimes inappropriate training loads. With appropriate management, these injuries can often be avoided if deficiencies are addressed early.
At SportsFit we offer rowing assessments and injury prevention/management which is a vital part to success in the boat. Your one-hour session focuses on the following:
• Initial Assessment to discuss current and past injuries and training history
• Detailed musculoskeletal examination to establish potential causes of injury
• Video analysis of ergo technique
• Mutual goal setting to establish a program
• Hands on physiotherapy as required
• Guided strength program to keep you in the boat, or get you back in the boat as soon as possible.
• Correct set up and technical advice on the rowing ergometer to maximise efficiency and minimise injury
• Direct communication with coaches and/or program directors regarding an athlete’s condition, if consent is given by the athlete.

Our assessments are suited for anyone who wants to prevent or manage rowing related injuries, increase their performance in the boat or on the ergo or set themselves up for a long and successful rowing career.

Our physiotherapist Jodie Porter is a Rowing Australia preferred provider and coached a number of years.

Jodie is a Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with a special interest in rowers. As well as previously being a rower herself, she coached at Scotch College for 8 seasons and gained her level 2 ASC coaching accreditation. Through her master’s program she was lucky enough to work with the Olympic Rowing Physiotherapist and the Victorian Institute of Sport, giving her great knowledge and exposure to rowers at the top level. She is also a Rowing Australia preferred community provider.